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December 26, 2020 at 12:14:29 PM UTC
Hearth’s Warming Eve
A pic for practice.
I had planned to finish it before Christmas Eve, but was delayed because of exams.
Probably the last pic of this year. (^▽^)

safe2155180 artist:emeraldgalaxy154 applejack198843 fluttershy256175 pinkie pie253713 rainbow dash277443 rarity215908 spike91864 twilight sparkle354831 dragon84305 earth pony438209 pegasus488296 pony1583138 unicorn529196 g42007812 applejack's hat14085 chair11629 chest fluff63989 christmas20986 christmas tree6401 christmas wreath568 couch12294 cowboy hat25219 ear fluff49327 eye clipping through hair13865 eyebrows23421 eyebrows visible through hair10946 eyes closed137145 female1781954 fire15660 fireplace3922 folded wings18945 freckles43029 glowing18436 glowing horn28736 hat122741 hearth's warming eve1658 holiday34836 horn179554 indoors7738 levitation16078 looking at you254748 magic95585 magic aura8774 male543386 mane seven7824 mane six37338 mare728746 night37342 one eye closed45053 open mouth233295 present8856 raised hoof68522 septet133 signature42688 sitting90799 smiling390237 smiling at you23830 snow19478 telekinesis38596 tree48329 window13594 wings217278 wink32539 winking at you3240 wreath1400


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

A random brony.
It is Fluttershy that makes me feel more emotional to this picture. She’s looking out of the window, probably checking whether the animals are ok in this cold holiday night, to see little birds sing choir on their nest on the tree and squirrels drinking cider in the entrance of their burrow. Or she’s wondering when discord will come and join them.