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January 29, 2023 at 8:58:48 PM UTC
I know I’ve been just posting coloured sketches for quite a while, to my surprise people seem to like them? so maybe trying your…

safe2175740 artist:flutterberrypie88 apple bloom60066 pinkie pie255996 rainbow dash280092 scootaloo58793 sweetie belle56776 twilight sparkle358026 earth pony446860 pegasus497093 pony1604027 unicorn538580 g42030508 abstract background24165 adorabloom3890 apple bloom's bow3420 blank flank9961 bow44734 colored pinnae863 cute265957 cutealoo3937 cutie mark crusaders22397 cutie mark cuties100 dashabetes12248 diapinkes12611 diasweetes3743 female1804302 filly97440 foal44271 hair bow25663 high res407886 horn191233 lying down46860 mare742016 no pupils5844 open mouth237846 open smile31375 prone35251 raised hoof70025 round ears25 signature44169 smiling397864 spread wings94666 twiabetes15307 unicorn twilight33255 wings223337


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