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safe2154831 artist:maren1959 misty brightdawn8292 pony1582808 unicorn529039 g573304 blurry background2297 bracelet15309 burger2664 cornrows383 crystal tea room173 cute263281 depth of field271 drink8453 eating13203 eye clipping through hair13843 eyebrows23375 eyebrows visible through hair10910 eyes closed137100 female1781627 food100006 freckles43005 french fries814 friendship bracelet820 hamburger812 hoof in mouth308 jewelry110786 mare728558 messy eating1634 mistybetes1128 rebirth misty3684 restaurant1017 scene interpretation10811 signature42653 solo1410129 spider-man: into the spider-verse91 unshorn fetlocks45196


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Background Pony #790C
“Ohhh, my god. So good. Best place in town.”
bill comes
stares at it, then her friends…
“Hey, can you help me out? I’m not very Liquid at the moment…”
Background Pony #A0EA
@Shimmering Spectacle
Yeah, already been past tense of Opaline in making Misty extra hungry. That fire Alicorn freak show…! If there’s anything that Misty deserves with having a couple thousand calories, thereby serving fast food around “Marenlicious” restaurant, this might turn out worth being her favorite hangout. At least that’s what I think, anyway.
Background Pony #A0EA
Everyone around the Spider-Verse would feel really inspired for Misty’s little carboloaded fast food restaurant takeout.
Crystal Roseluck - Had their OC in the 2023 Derpibooru Collab.
Artist -

Princess Luna fan #1
I imagine Misty is at the restaurant with her new friends, enjoying her burger while Izzy just eat a burger devours his burgers, nuggets and french fries