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Zenawa and Kindling’s relationship is only blooming more as the two of them spend time together. A night of s’more eating and chatting seems to have morphed into some snuggle time, Zenawa showing just how much he loves his new scaly sweetheart.
Romance is always a blessing, especially between two different species.
Drawn by MissEus right here on Derpibooru! Thank you very much! <3

safe2155095 artist:euspuche1014 oc936722 oc:kindling the dragon6 oc:zenawa skunkpony163 dragon84302 earth pony438189 hybrid30849 pony1583081 skunk881 skunk pony374 claws7159 cuddling10638 dragon oc1806 duo164662 duo male2818 earth pony oc25331 eyes closed137136 fangs39275 forest15298 gay36773 head on lap122 high res406220 interspecies31273 lidded eyes46837 looking at each other33558 looking at someone15020 love6662 lying down44770 male543357 non-pony oc2215 outdoors20756 paws7183 petting2537 prone34594 raised tail24700 romance1183 romantic2480 shipping251333 sitting90798 sleeping29082 smiling390182 smiling at each other2383 snuggling7390 spread wings92048 stallion191843 tail96067 underhoof68020 wings217221


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