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Size: 951x1089 | Tagged: safe, artist:anonymous, oc, oc:anon, oc:safe haven, earth pony, human, pony, /mlp/, 4chan, cute, disembodied arm, disembodied hand, drawthread, hand, offscreen character, petting
Size: 4968x2838 | Tagged: safe, artist:kirbirb, artist:thundercloud, oc, oc only, oc:eiko aki, oc:shadewing, bat pony, pony, commission, digital art, kitsune, pegusus, petting, simple background, transparent background
Size: 2000x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:spoopygander, oc, oc:apogee, oc:mulberry tart, anthro, pegasus, pony, unguligrade anthro, unicorn, anthro with ponies, clothes, female, filly, mare, petting, talking, teenager
Size: 1032x774 | Tagged: safe, artist:causticeichor, oc, oc:inkenel, oc:oretha, pony, armchair, bipedal, petting, sitting, size difference
Size: 939x1202 | Tagged: safe, artist:ravenpuff, oc, oc only, oc:foxface, oc:rowena, diamond dog, pegasus, pony, cage, collar, diamond dog oc, female, frown, gag, grayscale, happy, holding head, leash, lineart, mare, monochrome, mouth hold, muzzle gag, pet play, petting, pony pet, raised hoof, sad, smiling, traditional art, whining
Size: 2000x1499 | Tagged: safe, artist:reterica, starlight glimmer, pony, unicorn, camera shot, collar, cute, female, glimmerbetes, happy, looking at you, mare, one eye closed, pet, pet glimmer, petting, pony pet, sci-twi's room, smiling, solo, ych example, your character here
Size: 1946x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:dearmary, roseluck, earth pony, human, pony, chest fluff, collar, cute, cuteluck, disembodied hand, ear fluff, female, fluffy, hand, mare, offscreen character, offscreen human, pet collar, pet tag, petting, pony pet, prone, rosepet, simple background, sketch, smiling, solo, white background
Size: 2040x3000 | Tagged: safe, artist:chibadeer, roseluck, earth pony, human, pony, :p, behaving like a cat, blushing, cheek fluff, chest fluff, clothes, collar, cute, cuteluck, cyrillic, ear fluff, eyes closed, faceless human, female, floppy ears, fluffy, head pat, heart, high res, leg fluff, mare, offscreen character, offscreen human, pants, pat, pet collar, pet tag, petting, pony pet, purring, rosepet, russian, simple background, socks, tongue out, white background
Size: 791x1047 | Tagged: safe, artist:andypriceart, idw, queen chrysalis, changeling, fiendship is magic, comic panel, hasbro, official comic, petting, red background, simple background
Size: 2000x2000 | Tagged: safe, artist:redheartponiesfan, rainbow dash, scootaloo, pegasus, pony, growing up is hard to do, the last problem, spoiler:s09e22, spoiler:s09e26, bust, duo, female, head pat, mare, older, older rainbow dash, older scootaloo, pat, petting, scootalove, simple background, transparent background, wings
Size: 2821x2483 | Tagged: source needed, safe, artist:novasong, oc, oc only, oc:bay breeze, pegasus, pony, blushing, cheek pinch, cheek squish, chest fluff, cute, ear fluff, female, hand, mare, ocbetes, one eye closed, petting, simple background, speech, squishy cheeks, stolen art, trace, transparent background, weapons-grade cute
Size: 2160x2160 | Tagged: safe, artist:inowiseei, roseluck, earth pony, human, pony, collar, commission, cute, cuteluck, disembodied hand, eyes closed, hand, human on pony petting, pet tag, petting, pony pet, simple background, sitting, white background
Size: 4859x4859 | Tagged: safe, artist:thefredricus, angel bunny, discord, fluttershy, draconequus, pegasus, pony, rabbit, absurd resolution, angry, animal, art trade, blowing bubbles, bubble, cuddling, cute, discoshy, discute, female, flower, hand on head, heart, in bubble, looking at each other, male, mare, meadow, one eye closed, open mouth, outdoors, petting, romantic, shipping, shyabetes, smiling, straight, sun, tail, trapped, upside down
Size: 532x640 | Tagged: safe, artist:happy harvey, oc, oc only, oc:anon, oc:filly anon, earth pony, pony, animated, blushing, chest fluff, colored pupils, cute, disembodied hand, eyes closed, eyes open, female, filly, fingernails, hand, i'm not cute, offscreen character, petting, scrunchy face
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