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24 versions of humanized Twilight Sparkle
If it wasn't clear, I like humanized ponies very much. To me, those ponies scream: "Hey, I may look like a pony, but I'm human inside!" And that's where creativity comes in.
A lot of artists gave their best to create their own view of the characters. From silly to epic, from funny to serious, from cute to sexy. It's impressive.
This time it's Twilight Sparkle. Which is your favourite?
Can you recognize their artists before looking at the linked images?

>>280342 >>166192 >>312477 >>232817 >>307803 >>10609
>>8619 >>183147 >>229299 >>30927 >>195045 >>130471
>>25828 >>32975 >>48316 >>25687 >>66800 >>207915
>>166424 >>1991 >>13981 >>248328 >>7885 >>98671

Other 24-pic collages
Rainbow Dash

In 4 of these picture, she's performing some kind of magic.
She's holding a book in 9.
suggestive139777 artist:aeolus0663 artist:angriestangryartist66 artist:arucardpl35 artist:atryl2004 artist:carthegian3 artist:ddhew71 artist:derpiihooves169 artist:fajeh120 artist:foxinshadow1084 artist:glancojusticar275 artist:gomigomipomi136 artist:innerd18 artist:johnjoseco4435 artist:karzahnii310 artist:kevinsano3226 artist:kprovido226 artist:mirakurunaito21 artist:mrw32268 artist:ninjaham562 artist:sallymon119 artist:scorpiordinance127 artist:the-orator100 artist:theartrix188 artist:yanabau39 artist:zoe-productions120 twilight sparkle297061 alicorn219288 bird7990 human151958 magic duel2092 30 minute art challenge7938 action pose1165 admiral46 anime5277 armpits42604 ass47937 bandaid1793 barefoot26902 bath2861 belly button75727 belt5295 big crown thingy2331 blushing193061 book32899 bookshelf3478 boots21241 breasts270403 bust48090 casual nudity6496 cleavage33762 clipboard1178 clothes449882 collage1337 colored19118 converse5550 cropped48546 crossover61147 cutie mark46802 cutie mark on human1912 dark skin4481 denim274 element of magic2203 elf ears1896 feather5740 feet38835 female1338867 femdom7935 fight6059 fingerless gloves4481 glasses60346 gloves19480 glowing hands300 godiva hair266 goth2106 gothic447 headband3377 high heels10822 high school147 horned humanization6664 humanized98878 jeans3982 jewelry61087 library3175 line-up1026 little witch academia185 magic71877 mary janes1128 midriff19064 mockup76 multi-artist collage20 nudity362212 overalls1632 panties49365 pants14080 pantyhose3374 ponytail17388 portrait30459 quest for harmony45 regalia19111 rope11214 rule of cool4 scene interpretation8420 schoolgirl1847 seductive2102 sexy28511 shoes35244 short hair1885 shorts13616 shrug1405 simple background384604 sinfully sexy518 skirt38899 sneakers4884 socks64843 solar empire184 solo1045629 solo female177057 staff2915 starswirl academy161 stockings31858 strategically covered2873 stretching2309 sweater14237 sweater vest412 tai saito57 tanktop7491 the ass was fat13532 thigh highs35078 toes6135 transparent background198553 tsundere2815 tsunlight sparkle41 tube skirt240 twibutt5346 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122292 underwear59695 unicorns as elves343 upskirt5760 visual novel172 wide hips16440 winged humanization8592 wizard633


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

i recognize very few , but i guess that's cause this is all sfw and there's so much nsfw stuff to keep up with that i don't bother with keeping up with sfw stuff….
Background Pony #8FC1
24 versions of humanized Twilight that would've been better then the Winx/Bratz hybrid style they use for EG now.

bottom-center-right; the wonder in her face is beyond cute. In other news: JJ's Twilight could pull off a swaggin Korra cosplay, and dayum s0n look out for MrWes's Twilight.