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24 versions of humanized Twilight Sparkle  
If it wasn’t clear, I like humanized ponies very much. To me, those ponies scream: “Hey, I may look like a pony, but I’m human inside!” And that’s where creativity comes in.  
A lot of artists gave their best to create their own view of the characters. From silly to epic, from funny to serious, from cute to sexy. It’s impressive.  
This time it’s Twilight Sparkle. Which is your favourite?  
Can you recognize their artists before looking at the linked images?
>>280342 >>166192 >>312477 >>232817 >>307803 >>10609 (merged)  
>>8619 >>183147 >>229299 >>30927 >>195045 >>130471  
>>25828 >>32975 >>48316 >>25687 >>66800 >>207915  
>>166424 >>1991 >>13981 >>248328 >>7885 >>98671
Other 24-pic collages  
Rainbow Dash  
In 4 of these picture, she’s performing some kind of magic.  
She’s holding a book in 9.

suggestive188816 artist:aeolus06100 artist:angriestangryartist67 artist:arucardpl35 artist:atryl2120 artist:carthegian3 artist:ddhew71 artist:derpiihooves221 artist:fajeh127 artist:foxinshadow1142 artist:glancojusticar278 artist:gomigomipomi137 artist:innerd18 artist:johnjoseco4531 artist:karzahnii314 artist:kevinsano3649 artist:kprovido226 artist:mirakurunaito28 artist:mrw32275 artist:ninjaham562 artist:sallymon120 artist:scorpiordinance127 artist:the-orator104 artist:theartrix194 artist:yanabau39 artist:zoe-productions121 twilight sparkle354838 alicorn310288 bird13559 human240940 g42008112 magic duel2465 30 minute art challenge8007 action pose1389 admiral58 anime7503 armpits46763 ass80792 bandaid3112 barefoot34911 bath3496 belly button108565 belt9233 big crown thingy3135 blushing269145 book42997 bookshelf5556 boots32916 breasts385434 bust76659 butt226987 casual nudity9816 cleavage46002 clipboard1750 clothes625988 collage2048 colored24654 converse7162 cropped60931 crossover72667 cutie mark51435 cutie mark on human2545 dark skin8527 denim2383 element of magic3477 elf ears2582 feather8480 feet53926 female1782049 femdom10266 fight7387 fingerless gloves6608 glasses87325 gloves29614 glowing hands400 godiva hair350 goth3689 gothic678 headband5498 high heels16846 high school167 horn179589 horned humanization7992 humanized118176 jeans6410 jewelry110819 library4127 line-up1279 little witch academia206 magic95589 mary janes1284 midriff23999 mockup87 multi-artist collage20 nudity505540 overalls2407 panties62976 pants21990 pantyhose4137 ponytail26529 portrait41143 quest for harmony45 regalia35759 rope15734 rule of cool3 scene interpretation10816 schoolgirl2338 seductive5148 sexy45305 shoes58369 short hair3226 shorts19315 shrug1746 simple background585961 sinfully sexy678 skirt54656 sneakers6403 socks94047 solar empire355 solo1410407 solo female232061 staff3595 starswirl academy166 stockings47731 strategically covered3574 stretching3209 sweater19332 sweater vest592 tai saito58 tank top10728 the ass was fat20832 thigh highs58291 toes9221 tsundere3448 tsunlight sparkle53 tube skirt253 twibutt9010 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148096 underwear77831 unicorns as elves389 upskirt7244 visual novel192 wide hips29683 winged humanization10039 wizard765


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

i recognize very few , but i guess that’s cause this is all sfw and there’s so much nsfw stuff to keep up with that i don’t bother with keeping up with sfw stuff….
Background Pony #1A5E
Deletion reason: Rule # Ridiculous levels of crazy. Go be insane someplace else.
Background Pony #8FC1
24 versions of humanized Twilight that would’ve been better then the Winx/Bratz hybrid style they use for EG now.

bottom-center-right; the wonder in her face is beyond cute. In other news: JJ’s Twilight could pull off a swaggin Korra cosplay, and dayum s0n look out for MrWes’s Twilight.