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safe2209999 artist:pabbley2803 color edit9102 edit176865 fluttershy262606 pegasus512989 pony1640506 g42064755 armor31978 clothes650364 colored25785 cosplay33584 costume39920 cute271101 cute little fangs3483 dovahkiin160 dovahshy113 eyes closed142515 fangs41457 female1843819 floating heart6745 fus-ro-dah87 heart79404 helmet16267 hnnng2773 horned helmet420 iron armor10 mare767146 open mouth245599 open smile34515 shyabetes19659 simple background615528 skyrim1273 smiling410932 solo1455634 the elder scrolls1567 white background168403


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Background Pony #912F
You know, this makes me wonder if the protagonist of ES6 will have any special abilities. The Dovahkiin having dragon shouts is the only time I’m aware of a Bethesda sandbox protagonist having an inherent special ability. I’m not counting characters from id or Arkane since they’re merely owned by Bethesda.
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Well then...
Fluttershout or Dovashy is ready to cause mayhem in Whiterun with the Wabbajack in the nicest way possible. Her Fus Ro Yay shouts only make her enemies give her their belongings out of pity.