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It was 24th of July, there was an colossal festival of music of all kinds. Unlike other big events that had very specific kinds of music (Ranging from Pop, Hip Hop, Eurobeat, EDM, and whatever) this one was particularly diverse, with all kinds of music-creators coming, regardless of their interests and what type they liked. While it was a bit segregated in regards to specific types (So as to not have the Dubsteps fans throwing beer cans at the Jazz ones), the purpose of this annual celebration was to have everybody enjoy the varying degrees and tastes of music, and it was a very populated congregation due to this, since the most curious of ponies wanted to expand their horizons. And the fairly amicable disposition of the pony populace helped quite a bit, not being as rowdy as other species that wouldn’t have their beloved music share an location with others.
Through the sea of multicolored rainbow horses, with a few changelings, sphinxes and dragons that cohabited with the first ones sprinkled in for good measure, there was a particular one that stood out of the rest. If you had glanced at him at any point before this, you would’ve considered him an entirely normal dragon that was just chilling and enjoying the show, but the fact that he held an instrument casing, most likely the one of a guitar, hanging from his back and tied on the front, meant that he was most likely going to do business.
With kindness and a bit of dorkiness, the orange dragon swept through the denizens that conformed the spectators of the event that would transpire next. One of the ponies in the stage, this one some kind of dark blue zombie with a long-sleeved shirt of an umbrella, was doing their very first spectacle alongside their crazy band. The public cheered happily, with that action demonstrating the delight they had felt with such performance, and, according to the events list that one of the security guards handily gave him, it was the dragon’s turn now.
His bare claws made no kind noise as he stepped on the slightly dirty cobblestone floor, trying to find his way through the crowd towards the side stairways leading to the elevated position he would take in a few minutes. After a bit of difficulty, and perhaps a little bit of ‘Please let me through’ and a bit of ‘Um, would you be so kind to move’, the dragon reached the stairs, as the other band was packing their stuff. Thankfully, one of the staff team was a highly-knowledgeable magician unicorn that handily teleported all that rock paraphernalia somewhere else, most likely in another podium or right to the loading vehicles, in an instant showcasing the equipment that the dragon would use.
There was a progressive silence as the public started to calm down, as if they were realizing that the band from earlier was already leaving, out of the trance that had put their minds at easy and enjoying the show… figuratively speaking of course, though there was a siren band that was lit… Ahem ahem. The winged reptile grasped the strings that held the guitar case in place, as he went on to climb the stage. On the corner of his field of vision, he could spot a particular honeypot changeling also climbing to the stage… or well, more appropriately, buzzing his way above the entire populace of ponies using his wings, the one climbing was the Twilight Sparkle clone with a face paint of sorts that reminisced of a clown… or the Joker perhaps… hey maybe he was Harley Quinn!
With a chuckle, this made the dragon realize he could fly above everyone else instead of elbowing people around, but who could blame the cutie? He was completely nervous, this was his first live performance in front of such a gigantic group of ponies… in fact this was his first performance ever, if you don’t really count the tons of months practicing and trying to learn the song they were going to do. Thankfully, they left the singing for future presentations; this one would be purely instrumental. Having to also find out the perfect way to get that vibrato (and while he didn’t really have a perfect soprano voice, he was neither a deep basso profondoooo, more like a bit between tenor and baritone) or remember the lyrics would’ve been additional stress.
He planted his claws firmly on the center of the stage, a dozen inches being the very end of the wooden floor that faced the spectators down below. His nervousness was evident, as he did a loud swallow, attempting to reassure himself that it would go alright. His friends were with him on both the battery and the bass, and a quick glance behind himself made him confirm that exact fact. A funny thought on his head reminded him of that rock band that made music out of ‘The most groovy bellbottoms’ , but he quickly suppressed that as he realized that everyone was waiting for him.
With a bit of a shaky motion, he slowly brought to bear his guitar, strapping it comfortably around himself and strumming onto the cords a little bit, being careful to not be close to the microphone. Having successfully checked his guitar, he approached the microphone that was in front of him on the pole, and he started speaking “U-um… well… my name is… Myoozik… I’m a dragon… if that’s not obvious… and um… Me and my band will perform for you” He said all nervous, not wanting to give the name of their band until the end of the presentation.
The quietness and lack of noise on the stage was deafening, as Myoozik sat down on the stool that was given to him, not that it would be used much, since it was going to be yeeted away at a certain point when the music got real, but in any case it was nice to calm down for the initial parts. Another deep breath, as he smiled towards the crowd “I hope you enjoy”, and with this, the beginning of their song was marked with the lead of the guitar.

Never gonna give you up

This was a request asked by Myoozik to draw his OC, and since it’s technically the first time I draw any anthros, I decided to experiment into a bit of a complex pose
Hands are fucking pain I fucking hate then with my fucking soul. I know I’m a cinnamon bun that tries to not get mad but I can’t help it I spent 2 hours only in the hands. The claws were far less time-consuming, although they look simpler in comparison. I tried to make the dragon the fluffiest I could while still taking into account his clothes and lack of ears (I tend to make the fluffiest part of a pony the ears and chest), including his paws/claws having fluff
All those accessories are in accordance to the ones that Myoozik The Dragon (The name of the OC by the way) has, I hope I haven’t missed any of them though. And I also hope I drew a good-looking guitar and doesn’t look all shitty. The owner of this OC is Mr.Myoozik.
I can’t stop imagining Myoozik singing either ‘Drive Drive Drive’ or ‘Who’s phone is ringing?… Mine Mine!’ both from Impractical Jokers xDD. And sorry for the Rick Astley xd

safe2155133 artist:fliegerfausttop47118 oc936742 oc only680133 oc:myoozik the dragon173 dragon84307 arm fluff267 bracelet15313 cheek fluff9209 chest fluff63979 claws7159 clothes625907 cute263324 cute little fangs3330 dragon oc1806 electric guitar1730 eyes closed137137 fangs39277 fluffy19270 fluffy dragon19 glasses87318 guitar6542 guitar pick110 hat122735 jewelry110812 leg fluff4803 male543375 male oc1530 musical instrument15047 non-pony oc2215 open mouth233284 paws7183 pencil drawing11072 playing instrument373 signature42685 simple background585905 solo1410401 stool2291 tail96079 tail fluff414 toe ring1047 top hat5589 traditional art141734 underpaw2121 white background157740


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Music Connoisseur
Playing Rick Astley on an electric guitar? That’s certainly a unique spin to it XD
I really like it, it looks great!