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safe2152607 artist:mirroredsea615 fluttershy255899 pegasus487206 pony1580495 g42005071 :o6581 bust76524 close-up8718 cute262962 extreme close-up363 face1741 female1778987 high res405945 looking at something4902 mare727097 open mouth232627 portrait41095 shyabetes18996 solo1408452 surprised12631


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Time to get spooky
@Background Pony #DAF4  
As Dash said 8 months ago, the image itself has no slime, and art as detailed as you’re describing are very different to the image here. Tag what’s in the image, not what you want to see (there is no shortage of vore art already).
Background Pony #D452
The inside of the mouth is slimy, it’s part of basic anatomy.
The top and side of the tongue is covered with taste buds, also part of basic anatomy.
Rainbow Dash
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Maybe a little bit wolfy
Exactly and as I said, open mouth is implied by the tag because it’s always included by it, however an open mouth isn’t always a maw shot. That’s for vore related in spirit and that’s not the intent on these