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I mean… why not? ( And this is just AU anyway )

safe2171661 artist:djkaskan168 misty brightdawn8552 opaline arcana3192 twilight sparkle357276 alicorn313541 pony1599778 unicorn536737 g42026458 g575195 the last problem8061 spoiler:g532600 alternate universe13017 blushing273477 coat markings13401 crown29850 curved horn11374 dialogue92542 embarrassed15270 eyes closed138722 female1799689 freckles43738 frown36081 high res407635 horn189062 jewelry112688 looking at someone15850 looking away5631 looking down14654 mare739111 misty riding opaline4 mother and child6083 mother and daughter8392 older39909 older twilight4348 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3834 opaline arcana is twilight's daughter2 open mouth236932 open smile30996 outline2486 partially open wings2193 peytral7437 princess twilight 2.03797 raised hoof69694 regalia36334 simple background594656 sitting92152 smiling396497 socks (coat markings)8051 sparkles9064 speech bubble39038 trio26020 trio female5550 turned head1924 twilight sparkle (alicorn)148968 unshorn fetlocks46529 wings222195


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Demonic Blood
Opaline Arcana is having that Rumpelstiltskin energy when he found out Henry was his grandson “I guess, Mom.“
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Background Pony #706C
But what about Misty being a descendant of Twilight? Opaline would be raising her enemy’s future.