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safe2174329 artist:confetticakez1131 fluttershy258603 pegasus496478 pony1602471 g42028881 blushing274102 chest fluff65546 colored pinnae840 cute265745 daaaaaaaaaaaw7012 ear fluff50746 eating13391 eating flower15 eyes closed138972 female1802675 floating heart6261 flower39481 folded wings19958 heart76352 herbivore2840 hoof fluff3264 horses doing horse things1521 lying down46720 mare741024 mouth hold23755 prone35202 pumkinroll is trying to murder us28 shyabetes19231 simple background596329 solo1426075 sweet dreams fuel2050 three quarter view2893 weapons-grade cute4658 white background161788 wings222993


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Aww! Such a cute drawing of Fluttershy! She looks so cuddlable here! Also, I love the detail of the flower in her mouth, it only makes her look even cuter.