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only thing I changed frrom the prototype eqg designs is Zipp’s hair.
I didn’t add hitch because he’s taking the picture! When they do send out the finished dolls I do hope they add Hitch though.. I know he’s a “boy doll” but kids like having a Ken with their Barbies too! T-T

safe2190119 artist:aztrial387 izzy moonbow22033 pipp petals21399 sunny starscout22054 zipp storm17334 human248842 equestria girls257789 g42045969 g577302 adorapipp3282 adorazipp1283 alternate hairstyle38405 bag9822 belly button112216 belt9554 blushing277440 boots33820 cat ears1622 cellphone8132 clothes641527 cute268033 ear piercing44722 earring33364 eyes closed140417 eyeshadow30788 female1820260 fur coat280 g5 to equestria girls719 grin63662 hairband2095 high res408669 high school170 izzybetes2736 jewelry115126 makeup41266 midriff24658 one eye closed46366 open mouth240988 phone12612 piercing65180 royal sisters (g5)3046 shoes60309 short shirt2419 shorts19888 siblings22534 sisters18441 skirt56277 smartphone5440 smiling402953 socks96762 striped socks28541 sunnybetes1908 sweater19754 tree50107 wall of tags6799 wink33272


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