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Original pic: >>2117480
I’m back from the dead for a moment, to give you another animated dress XD My previous one with Wallflower, which I did 3 years ago is too lacking for my tastes, so I decided to make another one, using my polished skills 8) It’s just a simple loop, but it was surprisingly complicated, especially with all that shading O_O I hope you’ll enjoy it. Cheers!

safe2197479 artist:charliexe427 artist:maximussolini95 fluttershy261144 human250266 equestria girls258659 g42053313 adorasexy12935 animated127516 bare shoulders6482 beautiful8766 charliexe is trying to murder us1 clothes644622 cute269112 cuteness overload333 daaaaaaaaaaaw7113 dress63052 eyebrows25832 eyes closed141130 eyeshadow31166 female1828840 gif49466 hnnng2763 legs12164 makeup41719 open mouth242645 open smile33343 pretty1131 schrödinger's pantsu593 sexy46801 shyabetes19491 sleeveless8841 slender8850 smiling405806 solo1445174 strapless2908 sundress479 thin12607 too cute68 weapons-grade cute4717


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Monocle Gentlesir
This is still the best Fluttershy animation ever. & she’s so cute waving her dress around & more beautiful in the sunlight.
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