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safe2155006 screencap294013 flash sentry15010 scribble dee637 sophisticata525 sweet leaf646 trixie78973 twilight sparkle354788 human240864 equestria girls253312 equestria girls (movie)9007 g42007444 :o6612 balloon12935 bare shoulders6061 big crown thingy3135 boots32905 canterlot high3707 clothes625844 devil horn (gesture)819 do the sparkle250 element of magic3479 eyes closed137130 fall formal outfits2195 female1781827 hat122723 jewelry110798 long hair8091 male543326 open mouth233247 open smile29482 ponied up6268 regalia35751 shoes58342 sleeveless8459 slender5236 smiling390149 spread wings92038 strapless2802 suit8900 thin8116 trixie's hat6062 twilight ball dress378 wings217187


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