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Some things never change, like Twilight’s love of burgers and the furnace that is her alicorn metabolism.

safe2176122 alternate version86725 artist:sadfloorlamp199 twilight sparkle358088 alicorn314806 pony1604326 g42030929 season 93398 the last problem8067 burger2704 cartoon physics1103 colored24995 colored wings14546 concave belly5642 cute265997 digestion without weight gain190 ear fluff50783 eating13406 ethereal mane13489 ethereal tail2169 eyelashes26676 eyes closed139157 female1804649 food101404 frame577 french fries819 glowing19192 glowing horn29169 hammerspace307 hammerspace belly178 high res407896 horn191412 lightly watermarked667 long mane7349 long tail5578 magic96736 magic aura9015 mare742228 no source available448 older40015 older twilight4360 older twilight sparkle (alicorn)3846 open mouth237917 plate2752 princess twilight 2.03805 signature44193 sitting92501 slender7006 solo1427450 striped mane769 striped tail405 stuffing1745 table13081 tail101154 tall1588 telekinesis39100 that pony sure does love burgers295 that pony sure does love eating49 thin10232 twiabetes15311 twilight burgkle675 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149544 two toned wings6214 watermark24107 wings223421


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