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(Swapped number, shirt and trophy. Fixed hand and others. Added confetti)
/dream prompt:solo, pair of a laughing happy cheerful adorasexy anthro lyra heartstrings celebrating holding a world cup, delicious thighs and athletic body, seafoam green body, turquoise and white hair, beautiful, eyes closed, argentina soccer outfit, lip bite, cute pony face, attractive, masterpiece, highly detailed fantasy art, detailed, soft shading, stadium, wide hips, unguligrade, curly long hair, low angle shot, sweat, socks width:512 height:768 scale:10.0 steps:41 sampler: K_EULER_A model:PONY_V2_1 seed:931966736
Taken from Astralite’s Discord server “”. Upscaled with 4x-UltraSharp using chaiNNer.

suggestive190819 ai assisted1636 ai content18992 edit173127 editor:diego9662 generator:purplesmart.ai3472 generator:stable diffusion10497 prompter:diego96183 lyra heartstrings34114 anthro360044 g42030505 abs15810 argentina530 belly43827 belly button110834 breasts391435 celebrating28 clothes635098 confetti2665 eyes closed139120 female1804297 football1964 happy44565 high res407886 missing horn1263 not lyra109 panties63813 selfie4960 sexy46026 shirt40491 sitting92475 sky23178 solo1427152 stadium416 thighs28352 tooth gap338 trophy971 underwear78895 uniform16582 waifu1383 world cup171 world cup 20228


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Background Pony #25B2
Ya me imagino a todos los virgos que son hinchas del real madrid 💩 llorando porque el Dios Messi levantó la copa de mundo en lo mas alto por nuestra bella Argentina 💎