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safe2171293 ai assisted1608 ai content18590 artist:darbarri44 derpibooru exclusive40435 generator:purplesmart.ai3407 generator:stable diffusion10269 rainbow dash279474 pegasus495174 pony1599419 g42025942 bust77647 chest fluff65251 close-up8837 detailed background2414 female1799276 high res407614 mare738784 night37744 portrait41582 red eyes11710 smiling396344 solo1423572


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Background Pony #6C13
That does indeed seem to be a mixture of assasinmonkey’s and yakovlev vad’s art… fascinating.
Thanks for sharing!
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combat pineapple
@Background Pony #6C13
Model: Cookie A12
Positive: solo, (Rainbow Dash), (full body portrait), looking at you, fluffy, helpful expression, path, detailed realistic forest, dark (night), black sky, huge moon, highly detailed, detailed body, Volumetric Lighting, detailed volumetric fog, fog, realistic, assasinmonkey, yakovlev-vad
Negative: second moon, human face, anthro, long neck, (close-up), (duo), (extra head), extra body, second horn, giant, ((trio)),extra tails,multiple tails, group,extra limb, face out of frame, (deformed), (bad anatomy), disfigured, (mutation), (mutated), ugly, (horror), white light
Some Img2Img with same prompt and a bit of a photoshop(head, body and eyes from different iterations) after
Background Pony #6C13
This is pretty amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a style quite like this. Where would it have copied it from?
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