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FINALLY I DID THIS!!! I had this idea in my mind for the past 2-3 years and I finally did it!!
This is based on the issue #71 from the main My Little Pony comic series where the Young Six have their first Nightmare Night.
Now, in the comic the only ones that are actually in costumes are Silverstream, Yona and Sandbar. Ocellus appears in the clown costume for one panel only so I decided to put her in that for this drawing. Gallus and Smolder didn’t wear anything during the course of this comic, which is fitting for them, but this was a damn Nightmare Night drawing so I decided to put something on them! The idea popped in mind when I asked myself: “If the rest of the Young six begged these two to try and wear something for this day, what would they put on?” and knowing these two, the answer was simple: “The would put a random accesory on and call it a day” so they got sunglasses because they decided to be “secret agents on a secret mission”

safe2171955 artist:emiiambar32 gallus9069 ocellus6799 sandbar6822 silverstream7690 smolder11293 yona6419 changedling11481 changeling65851 dragon85292 earth pony445260 griffon36672 hippogriff13538 pony1600094 yak6245 mlp fim's twelfth anniversary340 g42026812 :p14369 absurd resolution67443 clown1235 clown nose625 eyebrows24450 eyes closed138754 female1800058 grin62889 group7941 looking at you258765 male549898 nightmare night6141 open mouth237040 open smile31049 red nose1075 sextet420 smiling396637 smiling at you25139 student six2083 sunglasses21033 tongue out146929


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