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Redrew something from a MLP comic that I thought was funny LOL

safe2041212 artist:galaxy swirl207 fluttershy244699 iron will1432 rainbow dash265387 pegasus434718 pony1394186 idw19016 blushing248361 boop8779 colored pupils12521 cute245411 duo focus1790 ear fluff44061 eye clipping through hair12100 female1661787 frown30823 glare8798 hand11409 happy40444 heart65969 heart eyes24863 looking up21638 mare652557 nose wrinkle3638 offscreen character46301 open mouth209254 open smile20446 rainbow dash is not amused913 scene interpretation10251 shyabetes17673 sitting82641 smiling350461 unamused21775 unshorn fetlocks39332 wingding eyes32929


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