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safe2155082 artist:cold-blooded-twilight3393 carrot top6094 golden harvest6094 rainbow dash277397 scootaloo58443 twilight sparkle354805 earth pony438188 pegasus488255 pony1583069 cold blooded twilight741 comic:cold storm158 g42007484 angry36272 bush4518 clothes625879 cloud42590 comic134179 dialogue91126 eyes closed137134 fangs39275 female1781912 filly96269 foal42938 latex18581 latex socks3764 leggings3117 mare728738 smiling390176 socks94019 tree48324


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The more things change, the more they stay the same, it seems. Fluttershy is not nearly as withdrawn and timid as her canon self. Granted, when you live in a village openly known for its sexual openness, things like timid and shy kinda fall to the side eventually. Or you accept yours fur color is gonna be red so long as you live there. One or the other. I’m also unashamedly REALLY curious why she keeps her eyes closed. Is her Stare always active here? Is she blind? Is her choice to not open them how she overcame her timid nature?
Rarity is… unnerving… to say the least. Granted, she always had a somewhat unnerving feel to her in canon, but this one just straight up screams “I only have two modes. Perfectly polite, and I’m-gonna-wreck-your-face-now-okay-thanks.” Frankly, I can’t wait see how she reacts to Nightmare Moon.
Applejack is refreshingly forward and not scared to dive right into making new friends. That’s not to say she hesitated to do so in canon, but this Applejack frankly outstrips her in that department. Ponyville’s lax decency laws and country lifestyle probably combined to make the stereotypical farmer’s daughter.
Rainbow Dash seems to be the most normal of this version of the Mane 6 so far. Same exuberance, same boasting, and even same eagerness to show off. The only real differences I see so far is her clothing choice and making friends with Twilight so fast. It took them beating Nightmare Moon together in canon before they really started connecting. Obviously, there’s more than that, but I haven’t seen it yet.
Can’t comment on Pinkie, she hasn’t shown up yet. But if she’s not draped over Twilight at some point with Twilight unaware, I’ll be surprised. EVERY version of Pinkie I’ve ever seen can at the very least sneak up on Twilight easily.
And then there’s Twilight and Spike. Both are FAR more mature than their canon counterparts, better educated in the the politics of court, and Twilight is even aware of how much sway she has as Celestia’s student. Spike being the one to reign her in when her libido gets the best of her is also a nice twist, since usually Twilight has to reign him in when he’s being an idiot in canon. I particularly love that Twilight’s large reserves of magic has consequences if she doesn’t keep a really tight leash on it, and that she’s not the only one that has to do so.
But by and far the thing I love most about this comic is the world building. You started off with only a single change (that being Celestia having a perverted tendency that seemingly influenced both Twilight and Spike.) and went from there, showing that those with power tend to be on the amorous side, that this version of Equestria is far more open to sex in general, (though not to the same degree as I’ve seen in some porn-with-plot stories, and certainly ponies seem to have lines they straight up won’t cross or refuse to let others cross.) and Twilight already really likes Ponyville before she started making friends.
I really hope I get to see this unfold and it doesn’t get dropped.
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Background Pony #042E
so some moron what to steal some who protect the town? if he or she succeed, he will blood on his hoof’s!
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Background Pony #FF79
Sounds like someone also needs to be hammer tossed into the deep everfree.
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Background Pony #AF83
Kinda like attacking a hospital or energy plants. Such acts can have deep impact on the civilian population and be used as a political tool to gain more power or further an agenda.
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So a founding stone keeps a whole area of the nation safe, secure and happy? Stealing something like that sounds an awful lot like a treasonous act to me.
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