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“We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie.”
–David Mamet

safe2175128 artist:dstears737 pinkie pie255928 earth pony446650 pony1603272 semi-anthro22557 g42030024 adjusting glasses64 alternate hairstyle37962 arm hooves17341 blouse1091 bust77826 butt231362 clothes634858 cute265879 diapinkes12607 eyes closed139073 female1803672 flustered767 glasses88752 head tilt1478 hooves to the chest882 looking at you259493 looking back86597 looking back at you29565 lying down46795 monochrome175073 mouth hold23759 multeity3039 open mouth237729 open smile31327 pillow25522 plot144171 profile8228 prone35231 raised hoof69988 raised leg11894 shoes59480 sign5230 simple background596661 sitting92420 skirt55583 sleeping29393 smiling397701 standing25069 too much pink energy is dangerous412 vest5938 waving4272 waving at you376 white background161913


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