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Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds, Day 16.
“Draw different pony generations meeting each other / Draw a pony exploring a brand new world.”
Ketchup! Mustard!
Yee, I was drawing a blank today, so have the zany, bouncy pones messing a cake over.
safe1919641 artist:ebbysharp104 izzy moonbow11028 pinkie pie234550 earth pony338770 pony1267155 unicorn420447 g44694 g530388 atg 2022757 bipedal42367 bracelet12211 cake11135 dialogue77044 duo100682 duo female17612 edible glitter1 eyes closed115198 female1554901 food83837 friendship bracelet259 glitter731 horn108728 jewelry86024 mare588324 newbie artist training grounds7345 open mouth187619 open smile13132 signature33369 smiling315496 speech bubble29577 sprinkles448 standing on two hooves643


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