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Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds, Day 16.
“Draw different pony generations meeting each other / Draw a pony exploring a brand new world.”
Ketchup! Mustard!
Yee, I was drawing a blank today, so have the zany, bouncy pones messing a cake over.

safe2175335 artist:ebbysharp199 izzy moonbow21697 pinkie pie255949 earth pony446714 pony1603455 unicorn538422 g42030199 g575589 atg 2022818 bipedal49540 bracelet15654 cake12884 dialogue93079 duo170452 duo female30987 edible glitter1 eyes closed139087 female1803864 food101360 friendship bracelet861 glitter1114 horn191033 izzy and her heroine134 jewelry113207 mare741707 newbie artist training grounds8341 open mouth237772 open smile31354 signature44138 smiling397761 speech bubble39442 sprinkles592 standing on two hooves1677


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