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safe1919977 artist:darksly542 autumn blaze4712 hitch trailblazer6322 izzy moonbow11078 pipp petals9031 sunny starscout10322 zipp storm6990 earth pony338899 kirin11803 pegasus382864 pony1267428 unicorn420579 g530555 belt7354 bush3342 cellphone5541 eyes closed115230 female1555119 imminent nirik47 male442019 mane five (g5)1995 mare588463 markings2574 mouth hold20487 nervous6798 newbie artist training grounds7345 phone9275 scared12204 siblings13541 sisters11921 sleeping26054 smartphone3412 stallion141317 stick779 sweat32106 this will end in fire203 this will end in nirik31 this will end in pain2295 this will not end well2054 too dumb to live263 tree39210 unshorn fetlocks34004


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Background Pony #89EF
According to Chinese mythology, kirin live for 2000 years, so this is realistic that she’d still be around.
Background Pony #9A17
Bad idea hiding behind the incredibly flammable bush instead of the fireproof rock, Zipp.
Background Pony #B098
Seal the unicorns in an steel box, but a genuinely unknown entity with unknown temperament and powers? Poke it with a stick.

With the rest of G5 watched especially pip petals having her smartphone in video mode to capture hitch trailblazer breaking out in cold sweats to hopefully not getting incinerated for disturbing autumn blaze from her nap.