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My vectorized and (sort of) animated version of >>12247
Protip: Twilight’s ear is very ticklish.

safe2207408 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1086 artist:ponimalion103 applejack203240 fluttershy262319 pinkie pie259505 rainbow dash283893 rarity220377 twilight sparkle362547 earth pony519231 pegasus511699 pony1637735 unicorn554433 g42062447 animated128262 applejack's hat15205 breathing479 cowboy hat26735 cuddle puddle375 cuddling10950 cute270752 dashabetes12583 diapinkes12818 ear flick758 eyes closed142228 female1840682 floppy ears74798 golden oaks library7169 hat127519 hoofy-kicks871 indoors9077 jackabetes8086 library4307 lying down49880 mane six37976 mare765036 no sound6960 on back35176 on side9919 open mouth244962 pillow26242 pony pile976 prone36129 raribetes7154 shyabetes19620 sleep pile21 sleeping29862 smiling409836 snuggling7468 twiabetes15626 unicorn twilight35219 weapons-grade cute4743 webm26754


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