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safe1994992 artist:sockiepuppetry208 sparky sparkeroni1618 spike87928 dragon73843 g544547 my little pony: make your mark4302 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark2073 angry33125 baby13910 baby dragon2868 cute239614 discussion in the comments774 duo124019 jealous1398 madorable952 male469171 sparkybetes130 spike is not amused264 unamused21087 winged spike9469 wings180244


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Part of me wants to think Sparky was held back and is just a really small dragon thinks they’re a baby, but is much older than anyone thinks. Kinda like Baby Yoda/Grogu, but we know dragons age and grow normally.
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First impressions to me are that the plot elements are being given more focus compared the previous series. Sunny and Hitch literally ask the questions: Who made the crystals and why did magic go away for a hundred yonks? Why do I speak Pokémon and where did this dragon come from?
My guess is the answers the series offers throughout its lifespan will be more concrete and grounded compared to how Spike emerged from the ether. XD

@The magic 🅱oi
But naturally hatched G4 dragons were stated in Molt Down and shown in Sweet And Smoky not to be born with wings.
It was also shown dragon eggs needed high level magic or lava level heat to hatch. I can rationalize this as magic retuning being high level enough Sparky would need just the tiny bit more to fully hatch.
As for their wings, might those circumstances explain that? Does it matter if we’re doing the work for the show? How long do we give the show to explain this?

That’s getting into the debate of the comics canonicity. But their age this is consistent with the Legend Of Magic comics, which had high levels of coordination with the show given how much they knew before the episodes aired so thus extra canon.
But if we just go by what’s in the show, Celestia stated “The birth of an Alicorn is something Equestria has never seen!” and Luna “It is beyond even our understanding.” The author of Journal of the Two Sisters states the contradiction with Jounal stating they were born alicorns can be rationalized as them being born before Equestia’s founding. This shows it’s still very open to interpretation.
Realized if they were so surprised by alicorn by birth, there must have been alicorns breeding to give the president against.
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There we go. I never heard of any fact that Celestia and Luna weren’t alicorns when it was clearly shown even as foals they were.
When were they ever shown as foals?

What book said they were unicorns?
The journal said that alicorns aged differently.
Cadance was indeed originally a pegasus(but there wasn’t anything saying the sisters were originally unicorns)
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yeah but he’ll never have Spike’s amazing personality and chad energy