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My Little Pony Project 2012 film screening and autograph signing events begin 10 years ago today at the Silent Movie Theater and Toy Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California, United States.
Schedule on WeLoveFine
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The Brony fandom can never be replicated in this day and age. We were not the “perfect” fandom, we had bad apples as any fandom does, but we were bound together by 1 word:
And that was all it took to make it phenomenal

It was a lot of fun and a really neat time to see just how big the fandom was even that early on. Unfortunately it was bigger than the coordinators expected so a lot of fans stood in line along the sidewalk for hours waiting to get in for the autograph/meet and greet session but got turned away when the VA cast had to leave.
That being said the people running the event were pure class as they reached out to a lot of the people (including myself) that didn’t get through the line in time and sent us fully autographed versions of these posters and thanked us for being so patient and supportive.
I feel like no other fanbase had the same level of polite professionals on one end and dedicated and kind fans on the other, especially in those early years.
Background Pony #F73F
It is a little surreal. I was in high school as many others were. The fandom was very much a product of its time.