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happy anniversary to the ever expanding cuddle puddle !
safe1992712 artist:/d/non1280 princess cadance37132 princess flurry heart8710 queen chrysalis39445 shining armor26099 alicorn278455 changeling59267 changeling queen21417 canterlot wedding 10th anniversary392 bisexual6265 chrysarmordance239 curled up375 female1623080 folded wings13510 heart63237 infidelity8597 lesbian109673 male468121 polyamory7545 shining chrysalis567 shiningcadance3164 shipping232323 sleeping27037 smiling337599 straight161531 wings179580


not provided yet


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Skunk pony protector
For she was not evil. It was the ponies that were the evil ones. She was just gathering food and resources for her hive.