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Ive been drawing way too many ponies and balloons

source needed24352 suggestive190449 artist:mizhisha100 rarity217253 pony1599427 unicorn536577 g42025946 balloon13008 balloon fetish582 blushing273420 cuddling10724 eyes closed138697 female1799280 fetish56965 heart76122 high res407614 hug37533 kissing32473 mare738787 simple background594487 solo1423574 that pony sure does love balloons789 traditional art142810


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Background Pony #BFF1
Oh, I don’t know. Maybe pearl white and printed with her company logo. Leftover from a store event or something. I bet Pistachio would love to have a bunch of those. Maybe Rarity rubbed them against her neck to pick up some of her perfume, and put a lipstick smooch on each of them, and then sent them to him in a box so the bouquet floats up when opened. And a “Thank you for a lovely night, Darling” card.
Or maybe metallic rosegold. Rosegold stuff is always trendy.
Or maybe she had some custom-printed with the protagonist of her favorite trashy romance novel series. Though I think she’d want a GL airship for that so she can use it for a daki. Or maybe she asked Fluttershy to work out some art of Pistachio doing a Hayate the Combat Butler cosplay that she could get custom printed on balloons to bounce and grind on. Even though custom anime-printed balloons are mostly only to be found on Equestrian Booth.pm, and shipping services are a pain.
Background Pony #BFF1
Really needs a colored version. Not knowing what color or opacity or what printed designs that pretty balloon is will continue to nag my brain. What kind of loon is Rarity’s favorite?
I’m sure she like jewel tone colors or chrome colors best.