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safe2172329 artist:mlplary6863 apple bloom59972 scootaloo58719 sweetie belle56699 earth pony445439 pegasus495628 pony1600528 unicorn537075 g42027043 apple bloom's bow3407 bow44591 cutie mark crusaders22358 drinking5140 drinking straw1442 female1800511 filly97257 foal44079 food101162 friends1129 glass6782 glowing19079 glowing horn29105 hair bow25579 hoof hold12934 horn189489 juice1873 lemon541 lemonade273 lemonade stand57 magic96510 magic aura8979 pitcher103 smiling396829 spread wings94288 straw2479 telekinesis39000 the cmc's cutie marks5171 wings222463


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Artist -

The Best There Ever Was
I’m unsure of whether Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo bought it from Apple Bloom or if they’re a part of her business. There aren’t 2 bits sitting on the table, and if they were selling it they wouldn’t drink it.