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Instead of doing a single pin-up with multiple edits, I decided that I really preferred idea of just doing a simple collage of various poses. I’m sure you’ll approve XD
I’ll be a experimenting slightly with style and presentation going forward (you might note these are colored sketches instead of my usual lineart style), but you can definitely expect more work like this every month; That is to say, every month will include a SFW Collage like this, featuring the voted character for the month, which will be freely available.
5$ patrons will gain access to a completely separate NSFW Collage featuring the same character. They’re not edits, they’re whole new illustrations.

suggestive191784 artist:ambris1483 sunset shimmer79651 unicorn545168 anthro363193 unguligrade anthro65787 g42045533 absolute cleavage5313 abstract background24645 adorasexy12878 against wall2628 arm behind head10305 ass81487 bedroom eyes82910 belly button112149 big breasts127378 bikini25968 bikini babe856 bikini bottom2165 bikini top3199 black eyeshadow395 black swimsuit498 black underwear4671 blushing277289 boots33789 bottomless17318 bra22002 breast overpour475 breasts395066 bunset shimmer2917 bust78927 busty sunset shimmer8291 butt234167 choker21789 cleavage47216 clothes641245 collar48444 curvy10076 cute267952 dimples of venus427 dock72168 ear piercing44688 earring33339 eyes closed140371 eyeshadow30768 female1819474 grin63639 hand behind back344 high heel boots8698 high res408629 hoof boots445 hoofless socks449 hooves26275 jacket20266 jewelry115050 leather3334 leather boots481 leather jacket5365 leg warmers3737 leggings3247 legs12078 legs together2843 lidded eyes48880 lipstick16955 long sleeves1104 looking at you262790 looking back87662 looking back at you30167 makeup41240 mare752393 midriff24649 morning ponies1724 nudity517613 off shoulder1701 open mouth240840 panties64266 panty pull703 partial nudity29883 patreon15379 patreon logo9726 piercing65139 pinup4050 pose8714 pubic hair10392 raised tail25419 seductive5314 sexy46505 shimmerbetes5271 shirt41236 shoes60260 sideboob14209 simple background604606 sitting93675 skindentation546 smiling402766 socks96687 solo1438446 solo female236423 stockings49084 stretching3298 stupid sexy sunset shimmer1638 sultry pose3904 swimsuit39570 tail104496 tail hole2298 tank top11027 teal eyes697 teeth22493 thigh highs60594 thighs28757 thong7727 toeless stockings253 underwear79507 waking up1151 wall of tags6796 white background164965 wide hips30995


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