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The fun has been tripled~! With unicorn, pegasi, and earth…alpaca(?)
Potato had a huge blast while drawing these three!
#mlp #mlpg5 #tfh

safe2175449 artist:scribble-potato101 izzy moonbow21700 paprika (tfh)1527 pinkie pie255971 alpaca1612 pegasus496986 pony1603753 unicorn538477 them's fightin' herds7810 g42030411 g575604 alternate hairstyle37975 apple21241 broccoli147 brush2675 bush4631 community related8244 crystal4164 cute265923 eyes closed139106 female1804024 floating heart6276 food101370 g5 concept leaks1066 hair bun5401 heart76565 horn191114 horn impalement976 hug37624 izzy and her heroine134 izzy impaling things175 mare741808 paprikadorable70 pegasus pinkie pie525 picnic blanket1543 pinkie pie (g5 concept leak)286 race swap21682 tail101026 tail wag1524 tree49388 unshorn fetlocks46852


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