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Made a Popobawa pony! It’s basically a bisexual Zanzibar incubus that enters homes and has anal sex with the people who live there :D
I figured he could sort of be like the male counterpart to the Batibat, and to sort of go against the whole “the female monsters are hot but the male ones are ugly or don’t exist” thing that most works use, I basically aspired to make him as rugged and sexy as possible. He’s also fairly big, easily the height of Princess Celestia :P
Safe version: >>2788175
Nude version: You are here :D
Nude version w/ musk: >>2788177
explicit393580 artist:badumsquish2184 derpibooru exclusive31971 bat pony59257 demon3575 demon pony1625 monster pony4039 original species29658 balls88774 bat wings12560 bedroom eyes67889 big balls12329 big penis13941 ear fluff38143 eyelashes19661 femboy10978 fog1052 forest11784 grin48060 horns7711 horsecock80414 large balls477 long mane3983 looking at you199819 male428777 nudity424414 penis175660 popobawa3 red eyes7815 show accurate21663 smiling303374 solo1197705 solo male29851 spread wings67189 stallion135428 this will end in snu snu599 two toned coat165 unshorn fetlocks32640 wings153676


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Why hello there handsome. You come here often?
Never heard of a Popobawa, but him being a sort of incubus makes it easy to understand.
I don’t think he’d be satisfied if we just cuddle xD
Background Pony #660E
a bisexual Zanzibar incubus that enters homes and has anal sex with the people who live there
Princess Celestia :P
My thoughts go places.