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Made a Popobawa pony! It’s basically a bisexual Zanzibar incubus that enters homes and has anal sex with the people who live there :D
I figured he could sort of be like the male counterpart to the Batibat, and to sort of go against the whole “the female monsters are hot but the male ones are ugly or don’t exist” thing that most works use, I basically aspired to make him as rugged and sexy as possible. He’s also fairly big, easily the height of Princess Celestia :P
Safe version: You are here :D
Nude version: >>2788176
Nude version w/ musk: >>2788177
safe1900363 artist:badumsquish2207 derpibooru exclusive32390 bat pony60283 demon4023 demon pony1754 monster pony4083 original species30055 bat wings12880 bedroom eyes68864 ear fluff38896 eyelashes20097 femboy11242 fog1062 forest12008 grin49079 horns7936 long mane4067 looking at you203723 male435393 popobawa3 red eyes7946 show accurate22039 smiling309536 solo1211425 spread wings69075 stallion138709 this will end in snu snu618 two toned coat183 unshorn fetlocks33289 wings158615


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Background Pony #E3F7
I agree with you.
If you’re gonna make female monsters sexy show equal representation for males.
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ᗡ: 📶 📡
@Background Pony #7F9B
He’s just a monster that’s native to the overworld. He’s basically just a sub-species of incubus :D
The best part: he’s one HELL of an after-cuddler :P
@Dirty Bit
And he knows it. It’s amazing how many of his, ehm, “victims” have basically done this when they actually saw what the “horrible” monster actually looked like XD