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safe1879702 alternate version60943 artist:pwnagespartan54 izzy moonbow9117 pipp petals7032 pegasus364722 unicorn401995 anthro295773 g523777 my little pony: a new generation12751 adorapipp685 balloon11117 choker15546 clothes525633 cloud35268 compass144 cute222904 dialogue74622 dress50630 duo93483 duo female15836 female1517382 hammer1890 height supremacy34 high res76326 horn101384 horn impalement862 izzy impaling things102 izzy is tol24 izzybetes1392 larger female1014 marelet28 overalls1970 paint2149 paint can91 pipp is short203 screwdriver415 size difference16783 skirt45302 smaller female277 smol868 thought bubble4066 tools270 wings153175


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Background Pony #5B21
the measurement is improperly taken from the tip of Izzy’s horn, where as if you measure from the top of her head the difference is only 2 tennis balls.