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little collage of Discord meeting the G5
safe1811013 artist:chub-wub544 discord32724 hitch trailblazer3169 izzy moonbow6524 pipp petals4468 sunny starscout5899 twilight sparkle313604 zipp storm3315 alicorn243731 bird9622 draconequus13914 earth pony290916 pegasus333654 pony1149885 unicorn371210 g516075 my little pony: a new generation10433 absurd resolution68286 book35765 cellphone4433 clothes498915 collage1528 cup6800 dialogue71087 female1456176 figurine1733 hoof hold9173 implied death2794 implied fluttershy690 levitation13076 magic78382 male407755 mane five (g5)1005 mare531117 phone7496 simple background433307 smartphone2513 spread wings61098 stallion125182 teacup3098 telekinesis30077 thought bubble3774 twilight sparkle (alicorn)129552 uniform11763 white background108612 wings136950 wonderbolts uniform6182


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Background Pony #2696
Maybe the 6th characters added to the group in the S1 will be related to Discord and Fluttershy?