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Oh no Hitch, why?? 😂
Artist : Raf Rub✨
#mlpg5 #mlpanewgeneration #mlpart #mlpcomics #PippPetals #HitchTrailblazer #mlpmovie #MyLittlePonyANewGen #brony
safe1864644 artist:sockiepuppetry157 hitch trailblazer4505 pipp petals6376 bird10186 earth pony314697 pegasus357650 pony1209067 rabbit6336 g521606 my little pony: a new generation12522 angry30252 animal5494 annoyed5972 chest fluff47782 comic117829 critter magnet196 cute220775 eyes closed109414 female1503888 hitchbetes240 hitchpipp96 male423797 mare558786 mirror5929 open mouth176659 raised hoof54593 shipping218603 snow white and the seven dwarfs90 stallion133128 straight150295 unshorn fetlocks31995 voice actor joke2210


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Background Pony #3949
Dang, they posted the uncolored version huh? XD I have the colored one on my deviantart, but it seems they posted the Facebook version hehe
Background Pony #3949
Hi! I’m the artist! Seems like the reposter didn’t mention that you were the inspiration, I mentioned it in my original post lol
Background Pony #F7B2
I guess Sunny will be “the prince” right??
Love triangle or Hitch’s harem?