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Alternate Source (Twitter)
I was re listening to songs for the show and I came across ‘you’ll play your part’ and it made me tear up a lil aaaaa
im so proud of Twilight, she’s come so far and she most definitely has played her part

safe2118912 alternate version81414 artist:cinnamontee330 princess cadance38879 princess celestia110419 princess luna114784 twilight sparkle349907 alicorn302888 pony1480010 g41930942 season 92847 the last problem7836 spoiler:s092075 alicorn tetrarchy1209 crown28683 cutie mark51509 ethereal mane12772 eyes closed133767 female1740473 glowing17391 glowing horn28173 group7160 high res103276 hoof shoes9086 horn139906 jewelry107039 magic93777 mare703771 older37792 older twilight3203 peytral6796 princess twilight 2.03658 quartet1170 regalia34784 royal sisters6397 siblings19959 simple background569546 sisters16718 smiling377224 spread wings88542 starry mane6854 transparent background274853 twilight sparkle (alicorn)146079 vector88169 wings208451


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