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pours hot tea into mistress’ cup
So unreal, why would anyone resist such an opportunity?:3
Commissioned by Novasaber97 and Co , so they all get huge thanks for such a support and making this piece possible^^
suggestive151717 artist:shamziwhite242 oc733026 oc:chloe adore183 oc:cutting chipset106 oc:deadie68 oc:feather touch10 oc:lady lightning strike89 oc:searing flare3 alicorn239263 earth pony281239 pegasus323480 pony1090637 unicorn357515 bedroom eyes63122 black underwear3945 bondage35959 bound wings3805 brainwashing529 butt94083 clothes489215 collar35859 domination2153 dragging275 drool26354 ear piercing29228 earring23084 eyes closed101709 french maid214 grin43044 gritted teeth13841 horn84075 horn ring6062 hypnosis3414 jewelry72106 leash8304 magic suppression4214 maid6199 open mouth161771 panties52311 piercing44817 plot85793 ring3963 screen403 skirt42145 smiling273034 stockings35388 swirly eyes2342 thigh highs39655 underwear63739 upskirt6105 wings131290


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