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Preview of next month’s fourth installment of Sunburst’s erotic misadventure with his horny sister Sunset Shimmer.
Happy Sunset Shimmer Day 2021!
Can’t wait? Join us on Patreon to see it before anypony else!
Special thanks for Terminal Hash and the anonymous derpibooru user who posts hilarious and inspirational roleplays in the comments of my comics. As always, higher resolutions of these comics can be found on Patreon.
>>2695371s (merged)

suggestive188373 artist:slb941219 artist:sugar-loop417 artist:terminalhash311 editor:wild stallions172 starlight glimmer59294 sunburst8721 sunset shimmer78318 pony1578684 unicorn527199 comic:the first incestuous foal of sunset shimmer97 my little porno: friendship with benefits140 equestria girls252895 g42004172 mirror magic2913 to where and back again3063 spoiler:eqg specials6253 aftersex12179 bashful338 brother and sister6641 cum103556 cum on floor505 explicit source4871 female1777231 frown35400 high res405726 implied shipping7014 implied starburst183 implied straight6428 incest17607 library4115 lying down44326 male541672 mare726277 offscreen character51095 offscreen male4755 open mouth232290 open smile29090 patreon15172 preview2208 prone34457 scared14096 shimmerburst85 shipping250722 show accurate26379 show accurate porn9450 siblings21069 smiling388498 speech bubble37988 straight176075 suncest shimmer61 sunny siblings141 sunset shimmer day264 twilight's castle5437 twilight's castle library465 vector89196 wall of tags6391


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