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safe2172860 artist:minekoo2138 rainbow dash279711 twilight sparkle357477 alicorn313823 pegasus495888 pony1601042 g42027295 bed57725 counting sheep13 curved horn11400 dashstorm115 dream3292 dream bubble78 ear fluff50636 eyes closed138852 female1801181 fence4223 folded wings19916 high res407740 hind legs513 horn189761 jumping4599 legs together2749 lesbian117591 mare740118 multeity3036 pillow25487 ship:twidash5854 shipping253984 sleeping29371 solo1424946 sparkles9086 twilight sparkle (alicorn)149023 wings222636


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Why would Rainbow Dash jump over a fence like that when she could fly over it? Come to think of it, that fence is short enough that it wouldn’t take much for her to adjust her course and gallop around it.
Background Pony #5649
Twilight: Rainbow, aren’t you tired?  
RD: Uh, not really, why?  
Twilight: Because you’ve been running through my dreams all night.