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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2020) -

Goddamnit if you are going to worf Shining Armor every single time he’s involved in a plot, can they at least have to get through a MAGIC SHIELD first?
I’m fine with the constant worf’ing, he’s a male in a female driven setting, so the females should lead, it’s just, cmon, make it the tiniest bit of work to take him down. Just a teeny tiny bit. Same amount of pacing, just have things play out with a shield involved.
Like, at least then he get worf’d to prove something. “Oh snap, this big bad can beat the SHIELD GUY’S magic shield, and he’s like, got the best one, better be wary about using magic shields then.
Background Pony #6EB3
And she should represent “the element of Faith” - what she does to the soldiers and heroes is nothing less than heresy against what she should represent! Faith is about trust, confidence, conviction, reliance. This is what we observe of these “knights”, they are in fact “fakers” who do the opposite of what their elements should symbolize. We saw similarities in the birds’ kingdom around the king’s treatment of his daughter’s relationship with the pirate captain, it was contrary to what the tree was supposed to represent.
These “knights” do not deserve to be associated with harmony.