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semi-grimdark35828 artist:silverbuller249 edit171320 edited screencap89380 screencap294023 rainbow dash277396 sci-twi31007 sunset shimmer78433 twilight sparkle354807 pegasus488254 pony1583060 unicorn529138 equestria girls253321 equestria girls series40335 g42007481 spring breakdown3220 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)17170 :q60 bad edit611 blood31092 broken1005 broken glass348 comic134178 epic fail351 equestria girls ponified5088 eye scream377 eyepatch3920 eyes closed137134 fail1600 female1781906 floppy ears71952 glasses87316 glowing horn28735 horn179467 magic95573 magic aura8771 open mouth233263 screencap comic5533 tongue out145001 trio25403 trio female5401 twilight's castle5456 unicorn sci-twi1153


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