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semi-grimdark36326 artist:silverbuller249 edit173164 edited screencap90557 screencap295929 rainbow dash280158 sci-twi31379 sunset shimmer79231 twilight sparkle358109 pegasus497267 pony1604425 unicorn538775 equestria girls256161 equestria girls series40591 g42030998 spring breakdown3243 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)17257 :q61 bad edit624 blood31459 broken1022 broken glass350 comic135544 epic fail354 equestria girls ponified5120 eye scream383 eyepatch3979 eyes closed139166 fail1607 female1804776 floppy ears73071 glasses88839 glowing horn29171 horn191463 magic96739 magic aura9017 open mouth237943 screencap comic5562 tongue out147390 trio26234 trio female5602 twilight's castle5553 unicorn sci-twi1172


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