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Even an alicorn princess of both the Night and Love like Luminescent Love can find exhaustion and physical tiring when undergoing the duties and trials that royalty comes from. Her discussions with her sister/cohort Princess Morning Star had tended to leave her tuckered out. Sometimes resting in many of the random bedrooms that spot the massive castle when she can not get back to her room in time. While she may be asleep as seen her, she is most the time a mental 24/7 machine, probing the minds of millions across Equestria and even the larger world. Ensuring that the dreams of those innocent were kept pure and to further the love interests of those whos sleep further revealed. Only for Lumy to increase that love and to further blossom the relationships between lovers whilst her Luna component provides them happy dreams if not plausible visions to that individuals future. All waged in the adorable mares mind as she acts a guardian…A proverbial patrolmare sworn to protect the dreams of those innocence for as long as she can try to.
safe1753654 artist:shaliwolf110 princess cadance33181 princess luna100872 oc713299 oc:princess luminescent love27 alicorn233354 pony1013229 alicorn oc27689 alicorn princess406 bed42436 bedroom10965 blushing205073 blushing profusely2131 butt66259 commissioner:bigonionbean2066 cover2995 crown18010 dresser284 ethereal mane8500 extra thicc1005 female1404534 flank1586 fusion5391 fusion:princess luminescent love27 glass4818 horn78141 jewelry68630 large butt18073 mare503480 night27436 plot82179 regalia21209 sleeping23972 thicc ass1361 thought bubble3579 wine glass1531 wings123656 writer:bigonionbean1779


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