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explicit389103 artist:spiggy-the-cat38 queen chrysalis37409 shining armor24836 changeling54156 changeling queen19660 unicorn393715 anthro292295 abs12673 areola21982 armpits44348 bed46277 bedroom eyes66940 belly button88773 big breasts96007 breast squish2015 breasts315332 busty gleaming shield580 busty queen chrysalis4176 collar37885 commission85076 crown21719 digital art23187 duo90486 duo female15185 female1500768 floppy ears59230 gleaming chrysalis26 gleaming shield1293 half r63 shipping2275 high res74375 holding hands3126 horn98261 huge breasts44708 impossibly large breasts19011 infidelity7634 jewelry80023 lesbian103758 looking at each other24530 lying down26180 lying on bed2183 nipples192688 nudity419324 on bed4787 pet play4269 pet tag1936 regalia25474 rule 6329028 shining chrysalis501 shipping218219 smiling296985 tail48859 thighs18463 underass2828 vulva146109 wide hips21159


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Background Pony #D2CD
Despite his initial strong will and resistance, Shining’s rapidly changing body quickly betrayed him as Chrysalis’ spell took hold. It wouldn’t be long before Gleaming embraced her place as Chryssy’s favorite pet as the changeling queen showed the new mare what her new form could really do. She would never look back.