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explicit423745 artist:spiggy-the-cat38 queen chrysalis39492 shining armor26136 changeling59374 changeling queen21455 unicorn457200 anthro321428 abs14236 areola25636 armpits45459 bed51077 bedroom eyes73841 belly button97501 big breasts109508 breast squish2333 breasts349606 busty gleaming shield608 busty queen chrysalis4689 collar42251 commission99097 crown25533 digital art26118 duo124028 duo female21198 female1625241 floppy ears65387 gleaming chrysalis32 gleaming shield1406 gleamingslave67 half r63 shipping2482 high res87997 holding hands3478 horn121113 huge breasts50962 impossibly large breasts21204 infidelity8614 jewelry93461 lesbian109775 looking at each other28226 lying down34301 lying on bed2481 nipples215417 nudity459585 on bed6080 pet play4760 pet tag2228 regalia30559 rule 6331168 sex slave1329 shining chrysalis568 shipping232592 slave3484 slave collar326 smiling338383 tail70014 thighs23316 underass3071 vulva164276 wide hips25311


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Background Pony #D2CD
Despite his initial strong will and resistance, Shining’s rapidly changing body quickly betrayed him as Chrysalis’ spell took hold. It wouldn’t be long before Gleaming embraced her place as Chryssy’s favorite pet as the changeling queen showed the new mare what her new form could really do. She would never look back.