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safe2174937 artist:vanillaghosties397 cozy glow9578 pegasus496763 pony1603067 g42029915 ak-47475 assault rifle1256 atg 2021762 bow44707 cleaver197 dialogue93054 female1803356 filly97403 freckles43925 glock188 gun20764 hair bow25641 high res407849 juice1876 knife7184 lemonade274 lemonade stand57 looking at you259456 newbie artist training grounds8341 open mouth237680 open smile31312 pistol2971 pure concentrated unfiltered evil of the utmost potency532 pure unfiltered evil1990 rifle4944 rocket launcher656 rpg-784 smiling397643 smiling at you25327 solo1426506 stand753 sword14802 this will not end well2457 weapon41263


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To paraphrase a Weird Al song, ‘My neighbour’s kid sold weapons grade plutonium with glasses of frosty, ice cold lemonade; she took princess card and sometimes equine organs in trade’.
Background Pony #427B
“I Pray for the safety of all who come to Ponyville, even gentiles. But we can’t expect Twilight to do all the work.”