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(Quick thing done for Mother’s day! The Mane 6, Spike, Sunburst, Trixie, and at least this AU’s Starlight all with their respective Mothers! Spike, Twilight, and Twilight Velvet being the only kinda sandwich of mothers here. (At least currently, given we know a decent bit of Pinkie’s future at least)

For Applejack and Starlight in particular it’s pretty special. Given for Applejack, it’s the first time in a while she can celebrate this day without feeling as sad and lonely compared to her other friends about it. And as for Starlight, well… it’s kind of the first time she can ever celebrate it. As she’s never known who her mother was til’ recently. (Keep in mind once again that this is an AU. Particularly one where the Equestria Girls films did not happen. The Sunset of this universe was killed just a little over 2 weeks after Starlight was born. And if this Sunset had still been alive, she’d be about in her 40’s/late 30’s, about in-line with the other mothers I imagine)))
safe1708022 artist:verve205 applejack170054 cloudy quartz1380 cookie crumbles1055 fluttershy212823 pear butter2846 pinkie pie216359 posey shy1279 rainbow dash234115 rarity182001 spike78840 starlight glimmer48700 stellar flare1228 sunburst6774 sunflower spectacle204 sunset shimmer63101 trixie67542 twilight sparkle300531 twilight velvet4319 windy whistles2142 alicorn224748 dragon56393 earth pony249351 genie1599 ghost2687 pegasus292387 pony969121 undead2096 unicorn324092 ask genie twilight127 female1364587 floating3970 geniefied222 male373273 mare481400 mother's day562 pear butter's ghost22 pixel art10507 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123754


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Northern Verve

@Background Pony #6DEF

Once again, AU/Alternate Universe. EQG movies/specials/etc. didn't happen in I Dream of Twilight Sparkle. This Sunset's a fair bit older then the Sunset known from Equestria Girls (Just appears young because she died young in a story that finished on the blog in February). Everything else like color scheme difference can have explanations such as recessive genes (Think how Pinkie resulted from a pair of grey and Brown ponies) and/or most of Starlight's father's traits showing up physically.
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Background Pony #6DEF
Starlight and Sunset aren't mother and daughter. Like, CLEARLY they aren't.
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