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Uploaded by Background Pony #0B05
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Commission for @TheLostNarrator ! This was so fun so wholesome! Just SO hecken cute!
I hope you like it. ^^
safe1945427 artist:mscolorsplash161 fluttershy235740 bird11225 pegasus394795 pony1295189 tit (bird)27 :d1562 blush sticker3218 blushing234652 breath2272 clothes549389 colored pupils11748 commission94216 cute231829 daaaaaaaaaaaw5679 earmuffs1385 eye clipping through hair10580 eyes closed117994 female1578789 happy37642 hat106277 heart eyes22205 looking at you212223 mare603685 open mouth193020 open smile14913 pun8283 scarf27728 shyabetes16664 smiling323374 smiling at you13165 snow16544 snowfall5090 solo1245564 spread wings73137 visual pun2035 weapons-grade cute4231 wingding eyes29563 wings168959 winter5364


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