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safe1949180 artist:riceflowers_art28 nurse redheart3986 rainbow dash257419 twilight sparkle330356 alicorn270358 earth pony352144 pegasus396504 pony1299391 adorable distress704 covid-19 vaccine1 crying49867 cute232510 dialogue78844 empty eyes649 eyebrows14567 eyebrows visible through hair7514 eyes closed118315 frustrated680 hat106739 high res84370 hospital1617 implied lesbian4133 implied shipping6104 implied twidash216 lidded eyes38217 open mouth193753 pleading162 scared12504 signature34303 sitting77254 spread wings73414 syringe1005 trio16114 trypanophobia47 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137476 twilight sparkle is not amused1744 unamused20210 wings169766


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Background Pony #2C9B
I wish they wouldn’t say It’s just an ant bite. I’ve seen, and been bitten by ants that look like the Starship Troopers things.
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I miss the show so much
I know that feeling, Dashie. Every time I have to get a vaccination or have a blood sample taken, I have to keep my eyes tightly closed and look away and even then I ask the nurses to be careful. And always, always, they afterwards say that I wasn’t even the worst they’ve seen.