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safe1692518 artist:klarapl114 nightmare moon16798 alicorn221646 pony954568 commission67068 earth1092 ethereal mane7787 eyes closed91974 eyeshadow15339 female1350374 flower25304 flowing mane1407 folded wings5921 glass4604 hoof shoes5254 horn64722 luna's banishment6 lying3645 lying down16435 makeup21061 mare474136 moon23240 on back24182 sleeping23268 sleeping beauty125 smiling244296 solo1054844 space5008 starry mane4057 water12970 wings104591


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Marc Hobute

I take a spaceship, take her in ship, back to earth, kiss her, she wake up, we married, we will happy and have many children. Wait 🤔… I go too far ?
I don't know but it's classic ending.