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The holiday Princesses.
safe1688232 artist:grypher104 princess celestia94218 princess luna98411 alicorn220960 between dark and dawn1596 alternate hairstyle27680 armpits42719 beach14594 beach chair475 belly button76377 crossed legs3136 cute197145 cutelestia3551 drink4775 drinking3408 duo59540 eyes closed91366 female1346279 misleading thumbnail1078 missing accessory8039 ponytail17553 royal sisters4348 siblings8245 sisters8633 sitting62201 sunbathing401


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Background Pony #A6E5
She'll probably be fine due to Celestia being there this time, hey look at that I just made a rhyme.
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Background Pony #FD5F
Celestia doesn't seem to care by the looks of it, so I'm going to keep staring at her thick thighs.
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